First Things First: Commissions

Hello everyone!

Let me introduce myself. I'm Allison Dickson, and I am an author by trade. But about eight months ago, I stumbled into another craft: crochet. Particularly amigurumi crochet, which is the making of adorable plush creatures. Since then, it's become an obsession for me, but also a little side business. In addition to taking commissions, I sell most of my stuff at local comic conventions and toy shows.

I plan to add more content here in the future, such as patterns I've designed and basic thoughts on the craft, but in the meantime, because it's number one in my most frequently asked questions, I will tell you how you can contact me if you would like to commission a piece of your own.

You may reach me directly at We will discuss what you have in mind and I will quote you a price on the piece. I accept payments through PayPal.

I have had a lot of inquiries as of early October. If you are interested in having something made for a holiday gift, my slots are limited, but there are still plenty left. My goal is to begin working on Christmas orders in a few weeks and have them all shipped off by December 20th at the absolute latest.

My deadline for accepting Christmas orders will be November 30th. But a couple of things: I work pretty quickly. Most of my projects take only a few days at most. But if you want something that's complex and time-consuming in design (like those Adventure Time fellows you see below), you should definitely order from me much earlier than that to allow me enough time to make it and get it shipped. Also, if you live outside the continental U.S., I can ship to you, but the costs of doing so will go up. Luckily for you, these things are light, but you will need to allow for more time for it to deliver. The deadline for big and/or international orders will be October 30th. If you have any questions about this, just email me!
PikaPool designed by Allison M. Dickson based on Pikachu pattern by Sabrina Somers; Realistic Octopus pattern by Leah Coccari-Swift; Totoro pattern adapted from aphid777 @ Deviant Art; Finn and Jake Adventure Time pattern by Lucy Ravenscar; Tiny Cthulhu pattern by Cthulhu Crochet and Cousins

Finally, if you would like to see more of my work as I finish it, follow my Adventures in Hooking album on Facebook or join me allison.dickson on Instagram!


  1. I think that you have a wonderful artistic gift in writing and in this! Looking forward to my commissions! *Don't tell my husband, lol!*
    **Ponders a writing commission** :p


  2. Where can I place an order? I really those PikaPools/Pooliechus!